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​I teach a Baguazhang (Bagua) curriculum to dedicated individuals or small groups in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

My emphasis is on the plausibility of applications and techniques within a recreational martial art format. In other words, I’m far more interested in working with good training partners than I am in discussing the fine points of philosophy or spirituality. My motto: Less Talk : More Work.

My training and certification in Bagua comes through my friend and mentor Michael Babin also of Ottawa.

Bagua is a traditional Chinese Internal martial art.  Like other Internal martial arts, the history and genesis of Bagua ranges from the historically viable to the utterly fantastic. While it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the historical roots and philosophical concepts of Bagua, the most important part of understanding Bagua is through solo and interactive practice...and a lot of it. 

Our bodies learn to understand the movements and expressions of Bagua through long-term practice and training. In this way, we can learn the most important lessons pertaining to the the Art and the Application of Bagua. 



The following are the core areas I teach and practice:

  • Walking Qigong [Eight Energies/Animals]

  • Eight Warm-ups

  • Simplified Jiangrongqiao Circling Form 

  • Walking the Circle with a Partner [bagua push-hands]

  • The Yielding Exercise to Eight Directions

  • The Two Person Fighting Set

  • The Eight Fighting Methods [with a partner as well as in a solo form format]

  • Eight Directions Partner Training

  • Eight Wrist Release Partner Training

  • Five Solo Weapons Forms [In order of exploration: staff, broadsword, sword, deerhorn knives, twin short swords]

  • Eight basic sword techniques

  • No Contact Two Person Sword Set

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